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Tariq Ikram
Dr. Ikram, the founder of Franco’s Farm & Franco’s Food Company, brings to the group extensive experience of 29 years of entrepreneurship and managerial skills in every aspect of manufacturing, marketing and global sales. His business related travels give him exposure in excess in 40 countries and this experience will be pivotal in creating the Franco’s world.

Asadullah Khalid
Asad Khalid is a believer in the human factor! He understands the challenging realms of finance, event management, project administration, disaster relief, training execution, webcasting, social media, youth activism, social entrepreneurship, gender sensitization/awareness and decision making. He believes in cultivating opportunities both internationally and locally. This has enabled him to work in geographically dispersed projects. These include Quetta (high-risk/conflict torn city), Karachi (cosmopolitan and the business hub), Lahore (cultural capital), Islamabad (federal capital) as well as several impoverished and underdeveloped towns. His central philosophy is to accept people and situations as they are. He has lead and managed teams of up to 70 individuals. Asad understands the need to delegate, accepting issues, solution orientation, systems and knowledge management. Over the course of these projects he has acted as a coach and mentor to upcoming youth desirous of becoming social entrepreneurs. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn led him to attend over 21 courses (in a span of 4 years) focusing on leadership skill development, strategic planning, visioning and social action.

Mohsin M. Siddique
Mohsin M. Siddique is a Social Activist, Social Media Specialist and a Mentor with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, creative idea resourcing and solutions to improve lives for better. His lust of inculcating social media blessings to his daily and professional life has given a new meaning to self-building and opportunity socialization.
Travelling down a series of highs and lows, today Mohsin M. Siddique is the CEO of Muntwo.com, a social media agency; General Secretary at Supertec Foundation; Manager at 1 Million Businesses, dedicating a series of Open Source Business Models; COO at Rehan School, a mobile-video based learning system; Learning Process Manager at Super Technologies and is Certified from UPeace, a United Nations Mandated University of Peace, for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change.

Nisar Moosa
Nisar loves simplicity of life, and inspired by Young souls. always looking creative ways to brings energy in people. he does not look people with leadership potential and develop them rather he helps people to explore the potential.Unleash the power of their believes and shape them according the need of that person.Team work is his passion. sharing ideas and knowledge motivate him. learning and development are his favorite sports.

Roomi Saeed Hayat
Roomi Saeed Hayat is a renowned management and institutional development expert, trainer and facilitator. He is the CEO of Institute of Rural Management and founding Chairperson of an international think tank Human Resource Development Network.Hayat is also serving as the Vice Chairman of Akhtar Hameed Khan Resource Center (AHKRC) and is a member of Board of Directors of the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) and Executive Committee of the Pakistan National Committee of the IUCN. For the last two decades, Hayat has been associated with the field of Capacity Development and is an expert on Management, Institutional and Rural Development as well as Employable Skills for Youth.In recognition of his HRD services, Training Need Analysis,Material Development,Evaluation Mechanism and Post Training Utilization,Hayat was awarded the HRD Award by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) HRD Award.

Farhan Shah
Co-founder of Empower Pakistan, A not-for-profit where we Empower Graduates with Freelancing and help them build a career out of it.

Abdul Bari Khan
Dr Abdul Bari Khan, a career cardiologist could have done anything in healthcare professional. He could have worked in any developed country, earn a lot by private practice etc. But he choose a different and difficult path by planning to open a modern healthcare facility for poor people in Karachi.
The Indus Hospital in Korangi area of Karachi speaks of humongous work put in by Dr Abdul Bari and his colleagues. While Dr Abdul Bari remains in the forefront, this project is an outcome of dedication of many of his colleagues who must be acknowledged.

Abrar Ul Hassan
Abrar holds a distinguishing professional edge, which is the unique combination of his vast experience in the media sector, and his acute awareness of socio-political changes around him – a trait that reflects in his work in abundance as a TV director. For example, his top-rating weekly TV series entitled “Mutasreen” (The Affected) which broadcast weekly on one of the leading Urdu language TV channels in Pakistan, Samaa TV, featured the lives of indirect victims of terrorism in Pakistan. The main objective of the series was to bring the viewers closer to the victims on a human level.

Salim Ghauri
Mr. Salim Ghauri emerged as an IT entrepreneur in 1995 and swept the market off its feet as a smart typhoon. Today, we know him as an IT business icon or the “Bill Gates of Pakistan”. He has been among the most influential Pakistanis who have left the mark on the entire society. Thinking out of the box, he founded and chaired the top branded IT Company, NetSol Technologies. His success spoke for his vision, passion, dedication and hard work. In fact, through his company, he introduced Pakistan IT to the international market and proved it, receiving loads of success and fame.

In spite of his huge success, he is very friendly, sensitive and caring towards people around him. Even his diverse engagements don’t hinder in replying the queries approaching him through internet.

Many interviews of him about IT and his company are available online. So, we decided to take an unconventional interview of him on this blog.

Hammad Siddiqui
Hammad Siddiqui is The only US Chamber Qualified Non-Profit Expert Consultant in South Asia with 25 years expertise in capacity building for business association in improving governance, memberships development, revenue generation, social media outreach and policy advocacy.
I have trained over 200 business association professionals and elected leaders to achieve growth objectives both in established and start-up organizations.

Farhan Masood
Farhan Masood is the Founder of SoloInsight Inc, SoloMetrics LLC, SoloTech Labs & SoloSmart Divisions, and Go Green Pakistan. With over 17 years of diversified, multinational and high-profile work experience, Farhan has proven to extract near miracles out of almost anything. Farhan is known as the originator of the Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages on the Internet and has enjoyed a lot of media projection for various honors, 30+ international awards and inventions, and have many patents pending.
Farhan is very adaptive and enthusiast to learn new technologies and picks up things faster then anyone can imagine. Farhan is a public speaker and gives lectures and keynote speeches at various universities and conferences.

Farhan Anis
Mr. Farhan Anis, MBA with bi-majors in MIS and Finance-2006 from Institute of Business Administration, Karachi joined Ecommerce Gateway immediately after graduation and is a Vice President of the Organization.
He has played a pivotal role in introducing major technological improvements in the Organization at all levels. His leadership qualities, extending a helping hand to the entire team members, have made him a favorite of all.

Liaqat Jawaid
Morgan was founded by Mr. Liaqat Jawaid. Mr. Liaqat Jawaid, born in 1951, is now, Chairman, Morgan Group. Mr. Jawaid started his practical life in the year 1967. He is an entrepreneur with focus on building organization and team work. Starting as a one man company, he always believed in sharing and team work. This philosophy helped him to build a team of Professionals for looking after various functions of Morgan. Depending upon Professionals to deliver services to clients, Morgan has installed capable team in each of its discipline.

Irfan Mustafa
Irfan Mustafa, Managing Director – Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan & Turkey, Yum! Restaurants International and Chief Leadership Development Officer, Yum! Brands.
Presently Managing Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey region for Yum! Restaurants International, parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W and Long John Silvers. Also the Chief Leadership Development Officer of Yum! reporting to the Chairman & CEO, of Yum! Brands. The region comprises 14 countries with a network of 1300 restaurants and US$ 1.5 Billion turnover. Previous assignments include 6 years with PepsiCo and 14 years with UniLever in Marketing and General Management in Pakistan, West Asia, Egypt and U.S.A. Key positions held: VP, Strategic Planning, PepsiCo, New York; VP & CEO PepsiCo, West Asia, Lahore, Pakistan; and General Manager, Home and Personal Care Businesses and Member of the Managing Committee UniLever, Pakistan.

Dilawar Syed
Dilawar heads the company’s North America operations, including sales, marketing, partner ecosystem and customer support. Prior to Freshdesk, Dilawar was CEO at Yonja Media Group, a social media company, and ran platform strategy and operations at Yahoo! Earlier, Dilawar led several product efforts at Siebel Systems and SAP. Active in entrepreneurship development and civic causes, Dilawar served on President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. A history buff, Dilawar enjoys going on long hikes with his kids.

Shahab Riazi

Moazzam Chaudry

Naeem Khokhar

Rifat Ullah Bajwa

Masood Naqi

Ali Mohsin

Rais Zada

Shamyl Mooraj

Muhammad Umair Nizam